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About VERA Safe

Versatile net- All-in-1 solution

Amazingly, this multi-purpose net is the all-in-one solution for many problems. If you want protection from mosquito bites, it will give a protecting shield. Bird lovers find the perfect bird net for keeping their birds on the balcony. You can also use it in your main doors, windows, and kitchen doors. As a mesh wall, it allows you to see clearly through it. Above all, it maintains the proper airflow and keeps your surroundings ventilated.

Aesthetically pleasing design

The smart design of this net makes it appealing and also adds beauty to the place where you fix it. Its neutral colors and simple yet appealing design make sure that you can use it anywhere. It complements your home decor. Plus, its humanized design meets your needs and aims to satisfy you with its versatility. Another bonus? Not only it is beautiful but also it is firm and durable.

Convenient to Use

Whether your window’s frames are made of wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, or any other material you can easily fix this net without putting in much effort. Moreover, it is well suited for small and large windows as well. Although it is not too fancy, you would find it a practical net. You can install it easily, and also its removal is also hassle-free. Nothing easier than Velcro tape is present for installation or removal of the net. Indeed Velcro tape is a piece of cake, and its high-quality material allows it to run for a longer time frame.

High-quality Mesh

We all want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from any type of harmful event. Talking about insect bites, we all know that how critical it is to deal with such annoying bugs. Thanks to its network that has very fine small holes through which insects can't pass. It blocks the entry of dangerous insects or in other words, it blocks the entry of diseases. Moreover, it is effective and works best for blocking dust. As a whole, it keeps your surroundings clean and insects-free.

Ingenious Screen Guards

Want to keep yourself protected? Or want a nearly invisible mesh? This screen guard will do this for you. Now you can connect visually and communicate with your family members in your home, and colleagues in your workplace while staying safe in your room. Along with that, this screen is a great option for personal rooms to maintain privacy. Thanks to its fine mesh that makes sure that no one can breach your privacy.

Amazing Stitching

Unlike ordinary nets, this durable zipper-type mosquito net is sewn by experts using an industrial sewing machine. The stitching, therefore, adds life to this net and makes it more durable. Now without worrying about its damage you can use it for many years. The maker has added enough balance at its bottom and makes sure that it is difficult to fall off.

Washable material

One of our major concerns is related to washing the material. But having this net your this concern gets minimized. Now you can wash it many times, and after washing, it gets rid of it and doesn't accumulate on it. Since it is made of polyester fiber material, it allows you to wash and dry it as much as required. The washing process, however, won't affect its quality.